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Collecting Vessel for horizontal and vertical components according IEC 60060-1

Moveable mounting for precise balance of the horizontal and vertical openings

The vessel can be hooked and carried at a telescopic handle. For test objects up to Um 400 kV, which are positioned on the floor, this arm allows a collecting procedure without a ladder or elevating platform. The mounting allows a standing position at both sides of the insulator.

Additional Characteristics:

▪  Openings 200 cm2, Weight approx. 500 g

▪  Direct indication of the collected horizontal and vertical

components in the water reservoirs in -mm-

▪  Calibration by dumping in a calibrated measuring cylinder

▪  High repeatability of the collected components due to the

balanced mounting

Wet Test Systems for High Voltage Laboratories

Wet Test Systems for Medium Voltage Laboratories and Small Test Rooms

Upgrade of Wet Test Systems for High Voltage Tests - DE

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