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Wet Test Systems for  High Voltage Laboratories

Mobile or permanently installed

The systems are available as mobile or stationary systems. The mobile systems are fitted with an integrated tank.

By mounting on an aluminium pallet stable standing and easy transport by hand pallet truck or carriage is assured.

Mobile Systems

▪  Telescopic mast for nozzles, storrage outside of the laboratory

▪  Tank up to 500 l with possibility for connection to external tanks

Permanently installed Systems

▪  Mounting of the nozzles at vertical or horizontal mounting profiles

▪  Volume of the tank on demand or demineralisation device


The nozzles can be feeded single or in groups by the pressure- and distribution

unit. By this single or group feeding pressure steps are realisable.

▪  Arrangement for vertical or horizontal positioned insulators

▪  Adjustable in hight and space between nozzles

▪  For larger diameters of the insulators or assemblies parallel shifted positioning,

mobile systems are also available as two mast version

▪  Pre-adjustable by measuring tools

▪  For small test objects continuous operation of single nozzles

Pressure System

▪  Pressure regulation and indication at the pressure- and distribution unit

▪  For high test objects uneffected pressure by hight due to a pressure cascade

▪  Filter infront of the tank, the pump, and the nozzles

▪  Filling of the tank by suction from external tanks and easy pump out by the

pump of the device

Efficient Testing Procedure and High Repeatability

▪  By pre-adjustment of nozzle distance, spacing, angle, and pressure

▪  By using the balanced collecting vessel with direct indication of the

precipitation rate in -mm-



IBEEE wet test apparatus are used by the following companies: Moser-Glaser CH

IPH Berlin HV Lab., MV Lab. - Hitachi-ABB CH - Pfiffner CH, DE, BRA - NEXANS FR

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