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Wet Test Systems for Medium Voltage Laboratories and Small Test Rooms

Systems for short opening distances of the water jet

This design option allows distances from 2.0 m to 4.0 m between test object and nozzle. By using special nozzles with an adequate pressure in this distance raindrops arise with an angle of approx. 45°.


Design Option for Test Voltages up to 140 kV

Moveable compact-rack with integrated tank and nozzels wich can pass doors in operational condion.

The other characteristics compare with the systems for high voltage application.

The systems can be customized for the test laboratory demands.

Water in the Test Laboratory

For the quantities of water for precipitation according to the standards IEC 60060-1 and IEEE Std. 4 the regularly vacuuming during pre-precipitation is sufficient. For this procedure customery -wet and dry- vacuum cleaners can be used. Ideal is a flat and waterproof floor without cable entries close to the test object. For cable entries close to the test object, uneven or not waterproof floors, tarpaulins with beams or air hose side fittings can be used. By empty air hoses the tarps can passed by hand pallet trucks.

Wet Test Systems for High Voltage Laboratories

Upgrade of Wet Test Systems for High Voltage Tests - DE

Collecting Vessel for Measurement of the Horizontal and Vertical Components acc. IEC 60060-1

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