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High Voltage Equipment Instrument Transformers Quality Testing Failure Analysis

Welcome at IBEEE Test Engineering

IBEEE was founded in 2009 by Joachim Erichsen, after more than twenty years working for manufacturers of high voltage instrument transformers and -bushings. Based on expieriences, as manager high voltage test laboratory, head of gauging laboratory for instrument transformers, and manager quality assurance, the area of operation nowadays are:

Wet Power Frequency Withstand Voltage Test  -  Wet Switching Impulse Voltage Test  -  Artificial Rain Test

Systems for wet tests performed according to the standards IEC 60060-1, IEEE Std. 4 or individual specifications

Wet test appartus designed for high voltage electrical equipment with outdoor insulators. The design is based on experiences,

in wet testing of high voltage insulators, with roots in 1985. By precise preadjustment of the spraying systems an efficient and repeatable wet test, according tho the standards, is assured.

Wet test systems for high voltage laboratories    

Wet test systems for medium voltage laboratories

Collecting vessel for measurement of the horizontal and vertical components       

Upgrade of wet test systems for high voltage tests - DE

High Voltage and High Current Test Laboratories

Documentation and estimation of measurement uncertainty: Amongst others for accreditation according EN ISO/IEC 17025

Instrument Transformers

 Factory acceptance test:  Test witnessing - Conformity inspection  - Third party inspection
▪  Failure analysis:  Failure investigation for instrument transformers with cast resin-, gas- and oil-paper-insulation

Electrical stress above the specified power ratings or quality deficiencies?

Potential faults: Winding- or layer insulation, assembling of components or cables,

loose screws or contacts, foreign particles or cavity inside the main insulation...  


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